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Diabetic Nephropathy : Evaluation with Doppler Ultrasonography
Jung Suk Sim, Seung Hyup Kim, Heung Sik Kang, Jae Hyung Park, Man Chung Han
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):71-76.
Sonographic Features of Colonic Diverticulitis
Yu Mee Jeong, Young Tae Ko, Joo Won Lim, Dong Ho Lee, Yup Yoon
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):49-55.
EvaIuation of NormaI Erectile Function with Duplex CoIor Doppler Sonography after lntracavernosaI Injection ofProstaglandin E1 : Optimal Site and Time of Doppler Measurement
Jong Min Kim, Kyung Seoung Oh, Gyoo Sik Jung, Jin Do Huh, Yong Kuk Joh, Seong Choi
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1995;14(2):169-174.
Sonographic Findings of NormaI Thymus in Young Children
Chan Sup Park, Kyung Hee Lee, Eul Hye seok, Soon Ki Kim, Woo Sun Kim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1995;14(1):89-93.
Perineal Ultrasound Findings of Stress Urinary Incontinence : Differentiation from Normal Findings
Seung Yon Baek, Eun chul Chung, Chung Sik Rhee, Jeong Soo Suh
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1995;14(1):53-58.
Diagnostic Value of TransrectaI US in Prostate Cancer and Usefulness of TransperineaI Prostate Biopsy UsingAutomated Biopsy Gun
Dae Seob Choi, Seung Hyup Kim, Hak Jong Lee, Kyung Mo Yeon, Sang Eun Lee, Chongwook Lee, Si Whang Kim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1995;14(1):43-48.
Sonographic Findings of Cavernous Hemangioma in Fatty Liver
Jin Kyeung Hahm, Ki Whang Kim, Hoon Ji, Sang Wook Yoon, Tae Hoon Kim, Jong Tae Lee, Hyung Sik Yoo, Myung Jin Kim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1995;14(1):15-22.
Incidence of callstone in liver cirrhosis patients: comparision with genera population
Chul Jjoong Kim, Cheol Min Park, Seung Chul Park, Kyoo Byung Chung, Won Hyuck Suh
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1994;13(2):97-101.
Effect of Metoclopramide on Portal Blood Flow in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis: Evaluation by the PulsedDoppler System
Soon Koo Baik, Yong Gyu Lee, Sa Joon Lee, Dong Ki Lee, Sang Ok Kwong
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1994;13(2):81-85.
US and fluoroscopy guided celian plexus block
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1994;13(1):76-80.
Efficacy and safety of automated gun biopsy under US guidance
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1994;13(1):72-75.
Color Doppler sonography of morphologially malignant adnexal masses
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1994;13(1):32-37.
Usefulness of intraoperative sonography in the management of hepatocellular carcinoma)
Byung Ihn Choi
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1990;9(2):158-163.
Duplex Doppler evaluation of breast masses
Seong Ku Woo
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1990;9(2):146-151.
Doppler sonography in renal transplants; differential diagnosis of normal from acute rejection
Gyeh Yon Lim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1990;9(2):131-135.
Ultrasound guided percutaneous fine needle aspiration biopsy
Jee Yong Kim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1989;8(2):227-231.
Original Articles
Transthoracic ultrasound shear wave elastography for the study of subpleural lung lesions
Carla Maria Irene Quarato, Mariapia Venuti, Lucia Dimitri, Donato Lacedonia, Anna Simeone, Antonio Mirijello, Salvatore De Cosmo, Evaristo Maiello, Marco Taurchini, Giulia Scioscia, Maria Pia Foschino Barbaro, Massimiliano Copetti, Marco Sperandeo
Received January 29, 2021       Accepted: April 15, 2021     Published online April 15, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Combined accuracy of optic nerve sheath diameter, strain ratio, and shear wave elastography of the optic nerve in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension
Ahmed Abdel Khalek Abdel Razek, Nada Elsaid, Tamer Belal, Nihal Batouty, Ahmed Azab
Received October 17, 2020       Accepted: April 20, 2021     Published online April 20, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Accuracy of the ultrasound attenuation coefficient for the evaluation of hepatic steatosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies
Jong Keon Jang, Sang Hyun Choi, Ji Sung Lee, So Yeon Kim, Seung Soo Lee, Kyung Won Kim
Received April 2, 2021       Accepted: June 1, 2021     Published online June 1, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System category M: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jaeseung Shin, Sunyoung Lee, Yeun-Yoon Kim, Yong Eun Chung, Jin-Young Choi, Mi-Suk Park
Received January 16, 2021       Accepted: May 19, 2021     Published online May 19, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Original Articles
Predicting the surgical reparability of large-to-massive rotator cuff tears by B-mode ultrasonography: a cross-sectional study
Po-Cheng Chen, Kuan-Ting Wu, Yi-Cun Chen, Yu-Chi Huang, Ching-Di Chang, Wei-Che Lin, Wen-Yi Chou
Received December 2, 2020       Accepted: June 6, 2021     Published online June 6, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Urethral configuration and mobility during urine leaking described using real-time transperineal ultrasonography
Baihua Zhao, Lieming Wen, Dan Liu, Shanya Huang
Received March 10, 2021       Accepted: June 15, 2021     Published online June 15, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Usefulness of strain elastography in the differential diagnosis of ruptured epidermal cyst and superficial abscess
Ji Na Kim, Hee Jin Park, Myung Sub Kim, Juhee Moon, Jae Hyung Park, Eugene Kim, Young Hwan Kim
Received February 23, 2021       Accepted: June 27, 2021     Published online June 27, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Review Article
A problem-based approach in musculoskeletal ultrasonography: heel pain in adults
Yong Hee Kim, Jee Won Chai, Dong Hyun Kim, Hyo Jin Kim, Jiwoon Seo
Received March 22, 2021       Accepted: June 29, 2021     Published online June 29, 2021.   DOI:
[Epub ahead of print]
Original Articles
Comparison of two different lung ultrasonography protocols in COVID-19 pneumonia
Korgün Ökmen, Durdu Kahraman Yıldız, Emel Soyaslan, ilkay ceylan, halil erkan sayan, Sedat Aytünür
Received April 30, 2021       Accepted: July 13, 2021     Published online July 13, 2021.   DOI:
Evaluation of ultrasound point shear wave elastography reliability in an elasticity phantom
Salahaden R Sultan, Amer Alghamdi, Rawan Abdeen, Fahad Almutairy
Received May 22, 2021       Accepted: July 31, 2021     Published online July 31, 2021.   DOI:
Improving the quality of breast ultrasonography performed by inexperienced ultrasound doctors with synchronous tele-ultrasound: a prospective, parallel controlled trial
Yi-Kang Sun, Xiao-Long Li, Qiao Wang, Bo-Yang Zhou, An-Qi Zhu, Chuan Qin, Hui-Xiong Xu, Le-Hang Guo
Received April 10, 2021       Accepted: August 15, 2021     Published online August 15, 2021.   DOI:
Review Article
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) for evaluation of main malignant focal lesions
Maria Cristina Chammas, Andre Bordini
Received January 1, 2021       Accepted: August 17, 2021     Published online August 17, 2021.   DOI:
Technical Note
Speckle tracking ultrasound as a new tool to assess diaphragmatic function: a feasibility study
Sebastian Johannes Fritsch, Nima Hatam, Andreas Goetzenich, Gernot Marx, Ruediger Autschbach, Leo Heunks, Johannes Bickenbach, Christian Simon Bruells
Received February 25, 2021       Accepted: August 17, 2021     Published online August 17, 2021.   DOI:
Original Article
The role of internal jugular vein Doppler ultrasound in predicting hypovolemic shock in polytrauma patients
Hojatollah Khajehpour, Mohammad Javad Behzadnia
Received July 4, 2021       Accepted: August 29, 2021     Published online August 29, 2021.   DOI:
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